Our Mission

To ignite, to inspire, and to empower purpose driven entrepreneurs and dreamers to overcome their challenges and to dive for their dreams, by creating amazing IMPACT content that inspires, informs, entertains, and motivates.

About Us

We are IV I II Studios (pronounced four one two studios) "The IMPACT Documentary Production Company." 

According to the World Health Organization over 300 million people worldwide are living in depression. We believe a major part of the reason is because most people haven’t found their purpose and they haven’t identified their dreams. However there are a few people in the world who do know what their big dream is but sadly the vast majority of dreamers normally get stuck after discovering what they were born to do. We believe that most dreamers get stuck because of fear, unbelief, a lack of information, and doing more dreaming than executing.

People all over the world are searching for answers and looking for something to inspire and ignite their dreams while also helping them to develop the courage and the insight to push past their obstacles so they can execute on their dreams. We exist to help the world make a successful transition from living an unfulfilled life to living a life of Purpose and IMPACT. We do this by giving dreamers the one thing that they’ve been missing, an exclusive inside look at what it takes to dive for your dreams to IMPACT the world. Our IMPACT Documentaries are designed to help dreamers become DreamDivers who change the world.

We are DreamDivers, Purpose Driven individuals that are willing to dedicate and aim our entire lives at our God-sized & God-given Dreams to IMPACT the world.

We are IMPACT Filmmakers, a team of filmmaking professionals that create IMPACT documentaries to ignite, inspire, and empower audiences to find their purpose and dive for their dreams so that they can IMPACT the world around them.


Our Dream

To become an Academy Award winning Documentary Production Company, to run the #1 Streaming Inspirational Documentary Network for DreamDivers, and to create a worldwide community of over 300 million DreamDivers who are IMPACTING the world.


Our Why

At one point and time we were all living unfulfilled depressing lives trying to discover our purpose and dive for our dreams. That journey almost destroyed us. We created IV I II Studios to help rescue other individuals who are stuck just like we were so they can live the life they were born to live.


Our Story

In 2014, after 10 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps,  Ira Davis "The Chief DreamDiver" (CEO)  left the military. Three months before leaving active duty military service Ira went through a time of depression and a time of desperation as he struggled to prepare for a successful transition back to civilian life. Ira knew that he wanted to continue to serve and to IMPACT the world but he had no idea where to start or who he truly wanted to become. With a family of four to provide for and no sense of direction Ira knew that he had to seek help fast. Growing up not being a star athlete or a star student Ira always struggled with discovering what his true purpose and calling in life was. Prior to leaving the Marine Corps Ira went to go seek help from a therapist on the military base. After his 4th session the therapist was able to help him unlock and discover his true calling “to inspire other unfulfilled people to find their purpose and dive for their dreams.”  With this newly discovered information Ira set out to inspire people with the one skill that he had “documentary filmmaking.”

What started out as a 1 man crew has transformed into productions with some of the industry’s most skillful production professionals. IV I II Studios has created IMPACT Documentaries for Olympic athletes, NFL Hall of Famers, Grammy Award Winners, Motivational Speakers, and several cause based organizations.